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     FRM--5-Station high speed automatic molding machine
     TBM--2-Station high speed automatic molding machine
     Cold Box Core-making Machine, Sand Mixer, Gas Generator, Scrubber TANK
     CD Coil-Dump type Shell Mold Machines
     Z95 series shell core machine
     Z94 series vertical parted core shoot machine
     ZH series horizontal parted core shooting machine
     Gravity casting machine, low pressure casting machine
     Dies designed and processed with CAD、CAM、CNC
    Z94 series vertical parted core shoot machine  

    The company is responsible for designing and manufacturing complete dies.Users can take qualified core as acceptable quality level.




    · Vertically parted
    · Loose core mechanism can be installed on two sides and at the tottom to meet
         core-making technology of complicated dies
    · Model A is a dual operating position machine with herringbone injector head, it can in
         stalled two sets of dies which shoot cores at the same time, two sets of cores are molded
         at a time
    · Dies glide on the guide pillars smoothly
    · The injector head automatically returns to sand adding position after core shooting, and be
         added sand automatically while the injector head leaves dies (heat source), sand inside
         injector head will not harden, and the injector head needn't chilled by water
    · Temperature for die is set and controlled automatically and displayed in digits
    · Heating form:electric heating or gas heating (optional when ordering)
    · Controlled by imported programmable controller that has spot movement, single cycle
         automatic and full automatic functions and can store many kinds of core-making programs
         to meet various core-making requirements
    · Main control elements of the machine, no contact limit switch and relays used are brands
         of OMRON, FUJI and MITSUBISHI of Japan or SIEMENS of Germany as well as products
         imported from CKD, SMC, NOK AND NTN to ensure the operational stability and reliability
         of the machine
    · Injection shell molding <b

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